The Right Way Of Storing Portable Generators


Portable generators are a lot easier to use in comparison to other power machines out there. However, when you are using such, there are several things that should be done to be able to use it safely and store it properly.


You have to know that safety isn’t the sole reason for why you should store the machine properly because another factor to be remembered is that, it prolongs the lifespan of the machine. Portable generators are not random quick purchase made. More often than not, it’s a well thought process that requires big financial investment. With that in mind, here are a few tips that can be a big help in storing your generator even better.


Clean it After Every Use


You need to store the machine at in dry storage place where it could be found and pulled out for use easily. It will be wise as well to store replacement parts, extension cords and a number of other items that are used for your portable backup power system. it is through this way that you can quickly find everything that you need.


You should clean the machine too before putting it in a storage. Be sure that you’ve removed debris that is near or is on the unit and make it a point that any air slots and muffler are going to be free from obstructing materials especially the combustible products. Watch this video at for more facts about generators.


Inspect the System for Signs of Leaks


You should store your machine at with an empty tank all the time. If you fail to empty the tank, just transfer the fuel to a rated storage container. If you chose not to remove or transfer the unused fuel from the system, be sure to add fuel stabilizer to the tank. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for adding stabilizers to your backup system.


It is better that you store supply of gasoline inside approved fuel containers and keep it away from your house and at the same time, in well ventilated area. Needless to say, add fuel stabilizers to avoid the effects of ethanol. It’s your job as well to have your portable generator be checked and tuned up by professionals prior to storing them for long term.


We know that safety is vitally important when it comes to these machines. Not only that following safety precautions help in diminishing the odds of damage to your home or to the machine itself, it will also protect your neighbors, your yard, yourself and everyone nearby from injury.